Dear Goldstein: I know what you did last summer


Rain. Rain. RAIN! Summer is over you guys. Here’s what everyone got up to this summer outside of work:


MIKE: I got married, spent many beach days with Brian, Mia, and Loren, got back into riding bikes after filming with the Goldstones (bikes rule!), hit a few PRs at the gym, tried Crossfit for the first time, got very enlightened on mental health, took a few road trips, and did some kick ass work with a kick ass team.

BROWNYN: During the summer of 2018 the Bronwyn you have known in the past, died. 

That’s right. I became a vegetarian. 

This was a summer of huge goals for me. I set out to race in my first half-marathon (check), visit a territory (check - the Yukon), do more hiking than ever before (check) and not kill the two plants I bought in the spring (check!!). 

I was lucky enough to do a lot of travelling, from filming in Connecticut and Whistler to spending time with friends and family in Arizona and Tofino. My heart is so full thinking about all the laughs and adventures I had but I’m also looking forward to what the Fall & Winter will bring - including training for an upcoming Olympic Triathlon and the completion of my passion project!

And I’m also stoked to see what my sweet new Arcteryx jacket is really capable of. 

STEFAN: Summer 2018 is in the bag, a bag filled with great memories and plenty of time spent doing nothing.

From time spent repeatedly falling into Okanagan lake while learning to wake surf, to running around Toronto for a shoot fuelled only on sugar and caffeine, it was a whirlwind of a summer.

In between everything I went on a trip with my girlfriend around BC and reached the top of just a few mountains by bike and truck. 

Yeah, maybe I didn’t really stop to breath much!

Summer 2018, a Go Full Turbo Summer.

LUC: My partner and I started the summer off with a major announcement to our friends and family: that we would soon be welcoming the arrival of a brand new barbecue. Months later, despite a summer filled with island bike tours, ocean kayak camping trips, first-time marathons, and boating mishaps, our fondest memories are of sitting on the back patio eating fresh grilled pizza and veggies while nestled comfortably on the fake turf from the NOBO shoot.

BRIAN: Dad got a new couch at the office, so that was pretty nice. I also successfully warded off the deaf mailman at the new office. He doesn’t come around anymore.  


MIA: Well, it’s been almost 8 full months since I ate a cigarette butt. Can’t lie – feels pretty good!



- The Goldstein Gang

Mike Goldstein