A new outlook on passion, film, and lifestyle


For a long time, I’ve struggled to outwardly define us as a company. Yes, we make awesome videos, and yes, we often insist that the videos include helicopters and police escorts. But that’s not the full story. 

Many of our clients and partners have said that they really enjoy working with us. As in, the actual experience of working with Goldstein Productions has value in itself, in addition to the actual product (ads) that we make.  

It’s a great compliment to receive – but how do you explain that to prospective partners? How do you show that in a new business meeting? That’s the part I’ve struggled to define. 

So like any good entrepreneur, I’ve taken time the last few weeks to really explore what it means to work. Through a lot of long nights, dog cuddles, and chill out beach time, I’ve fixated on one core statement: 

The way we work is just as important as the work we do.

That’s the one.

That’s the umbrella statement that describes how we work on set, our attitudes, the way we personally interact and experience together, as well as how we create, share, and collaborate on ideas. In essence, it sums up our social, creative, and well-being standards. 

Now, it’s not about telling people to chill out or that they’re wrong for working insane hours (hey, we do that too when needed). It’s about improving the overall condition of the project, the client, and all those involved. It’s about bringing a different perspective to the table – one that bolsters the client’s creative arsenal. 

It’s about opportunity.

We are filmmakers. We create films. We convey emotion and we tell stories. We spark ideas that cannot be unthought or unheard. And we should stay true to those roots through every essence of our being.

Which also means embracing our trademark style: renegade, nimble, and thought provoking video production. Whether it’s with a crew of 2 or 200, we must maintain our start-up mentality, which allows us to accomplish incredible feats with few resources. That’s having fun. Just because we’re working hard doesn’t mean we can’t have a great time.

Finally, we need to focus on our personal well being and overall fulfillment. I want to see everyone that’s a part of this company score the most life points, both in and outside of work. Our culture is infectious, and we need to live up to it in all aspects of our lifestyle. 

The way we work is just as important as the work we do.

That’s Go Full Turbo. That’s who we are. That’s work.

So. Want to make films with us, or what?


Mike Goldstein