"Start with a brand, finish with an anthem."


A brand with no anthem. That’s what we encountered at Wesleyan. Determined to stand out with their recruitment video, the client challenged us to take their simple voice over script and “get creative” with the rest. So naturally, we added some explosions, hung up some plexiglass, and set our sights on changing college admission videos. Forever.



Director: Mike Goldstein

DP: Ian Holliday

Producer: Luc Doucet

Writers: Mike Goldstein, Bronwyn Davies, Stefan Feldmann, Luc Doucet. (NAIL for voice over).

Agency: NAIL Communications

Medium: Web

Production Company: Goldstein Productions

Days of Production: 1.5

Total Crew: 8

Shot on: Arri Alexa Mini, Kowa Anamorphics, Super 8




So…this was for a school?

A really cool (expensive) school! You should go there!


What was the initial ask?

They wanted to show their alumni projected onto current students, and show off their beautiful campus. But rather than show the ghosts of the past, we decided to focus the film on the actual students and their passions. Hence the explosions. 


Who wrote this?

NAIL wrote the voice over. Goldstein wrote the visual script. We wanted to portray visually how the different areas of study felt.


Who did the projection mapping?

Its not projection mapping. But we did it.


What is the projection mapping?

Bill Bellicheck. Amanda Palmer. You know, just a bunch of famous people that went to that school. 


Who did all the set design?


Oh, and Luc wrote on all the plexiglass plates.


How many actual students were involved?

We managed to get about 30 involved, including 7 who were prominently featured and 1 who was our PA on set!


Where things almost got fucked

We lost a few locations the day of filming. That was interesting.


What would you change?

The size. We wanted this to be huge. We wanted a scene with hundreds of students. But hey, not everyone wants to be in a video!

Until they see it. Then everyone wishes they were in the video.


Tell me again: where is this place?

In Middletown, Connecticut. Somewhere between Boston and New York.