GMC - Terrain x Marc Dupre

Agency Collaboration - Momentum WW


Marc Dupré and the GMC Terrain converge in a broadcast project that visually parallels his musical life and the vehicle's features.



Bring to life an influencer collaboration with Marc Dupré, produced in French for a French audience.

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Quick View

1x Broadcast 30 spot

4x Web main spots

9x Web social spots

4x Web pre-roll spots

4x Production days

4x Crew





While sticking within the general style of the global Like A Pro campaign, our challenge was to add a bit of uniqueness to the Marc Dupré shoot. We did so with light hand held camera work to add a bit of grit and authenticity to Marc’s day-to-day scenes. We used a mix of gimbal and drone for hero car sequences to symbolize it’s strength and composure of the GMC Terrain. A strong use of visual parallels between the hero car's functionality and Marc’s music life added narrative style. Then cut with a fast yet clean action-pace to quickly connect visual parallels in post.




Working with the Momentum, we helped them develop scripts and overall creative structure. We brought our team to Montreal in order to keep a tight and nimble crew that could wear many hats. We used one day for vehicle to vehicle work and three days with talent, culminating in our main aerial shoot shutting down the Concorde bridge during morning rush hour. One of our goals was to make great friends with the talent, keeping things light and easy-going on set. 

All post-production including VFX tidy ups were completed in house. This greatly increased efficiency with the number of deliverables and client revisions.


Additional Deliverables: