"Building a brand together."


It started with a simple ask: create and produce one piece of athlete content. Within months, they wanted 17 more, and a true collaborative partnership was born. Over the next three years we would pitch and create over 60 athlete pieces, fuelled by our mutual passion for sweat, tears, and fitness.





Director: Mike Goldstein

DP: Mike Goldstein, Brock Newman

Producer: Mike Goldstein

Editor: Mike Goldstein, Brock Newman

Agency: N/A

Medium: Web, broadcast, POS, event

Total Assets: 67

Production Company: Goldstein Productions

Days of Production: Too many to count

Shot on: RED Epic, Dragon, Canon EF lenses.



What exactly is Jaybird?

They make headphones for athletes who kick ass.


How did the partnership work?

It was direct to brand (no agency involved). We worked with their athletes and sourced additional ones. We developed each concept, periodically pitching them to Jaybird while simultaneously going on the road to film. 

You couldn’t ask for a better collaborative relationship.


What inspired the series?

They needed great content and we wanted  to prove a point. Everything we had made was solely action-based, and we needed to explore the human side of athleticism. 


Who wrote each piece

They weren’t written. The athletes told us their stories. We wove those together in post.


What was the best day on set

White Sands in New Mexico with Jacy Cunningham. The surreal environment and Jacy’s infectious personality made for many unforgettable moments.

How many athletes?

In the whole partnership? We must have worked with over 30 or so.


What do you love most about the series?

Triathletes balancing family. Olympians learning to be present. There is a piece in there for everyone. Knowing that you are inspiring people with the content you create is pretty cool.


What would you change?

Appreciate the moments on set more. We should have taken 15 more minutes per day in each incredible location to really enjoy the places we explored. Next time!


What happened next?

The content went out to all corners of the Internet. The headphones became major industry players. And Logitech acquired the brand in 2017.


Best piece to watch before I work out?

Probably RUN.