"When life gives you lemons, get a helicopter."


From the very first phone call, we knew this would be a big one. Maybe the big one.  All the ingredients were there: Whistler with its beautiful winter. GMC with its terrifying tank truck. And an agency, Momentum, willing to fight for greatness. Line up those stars, and there’s only one way to do it.



Director: Mike Goldstein

DP: Mike Goldstein, Brock Newman, Nathan Starzynski

Producer: Mike Goldstein

Writer: Mike Goldstein, Brock Newman

Agency: Momentum WW

Medium: Web, POS, event

Total Assets: 12

Production Company: Goldstein Productions

Days of Production: 2

Total Crew: 3

Budget: Low six-figures

Shot on: RED Epic, Dragon, Weapon, Canon EF lenses.




What was the initial ask?

They said “we need to make just a little video about this insane truck we built“. Ok, maybe they didn’t say exactly that, but we definitely saw potential right off the bat.


How much did it cost?

A frost bitten toe, a new axel on the monster truck, and 2 days on the biggest ski resort in North America. Oh, and like 6 figures lol.


How did this get made?

Honestly? Perseverance.


Who convinced the client that helicopters > drones?

We did.


Who did the sound design?

We did. 


Why Beethoven?

Everyone uses the same old EDM beat or big band track in their brand anthems. But this was a different piece. The rhythm of the classical movement fit so well to keep it refined yet add some personality. And at the end of the day, it just felt right. 


Where things almost got fucked?

About 10 minutes into the first aerial shoot, when the truck broke it’s axel doing donuts outside the ski chalet. True story. Lucky for us, Dave Hennessey on the Whistler is a mechanical wizard.


Can I drive the truck?

No, you cannot.

Well you know what – ask Dave in Whistler.


What would you change?

I would want the truck towing the helicopter to the start. And I would want the chopper to take off from the trailer.


What else?

I would also want the truck to go through a Tim Horton’s drive through.