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Kirsten Ley | Fantôme 

Fashion, the Goldstein style


A fashion film prequel to a post-lobotomy themed runway show by Kirsten Ley.


The Opportunity

Creatively develop and execute a fashion film to be used at Tokyo Fashion Week, Australia Eco Fashion Week, and Harbin Fashion Week for couture designer, Kirsten Ley. 

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Quick View

1x 60 Second

4x Crew

2x Weeks concept to completion





Set decoration played a big part in this film as it was meant to resemble the pre-labotomy state in one’s mind. A deteriorating clean white asylum and an overtaking darkness provided contrast to represent a schizophrenic feeling.

Our camera took on a creepy, observant and sometimes interactive point of view. Cool blue monochromatic tones were implemented throughout to represent the desolate mental state.

The editing style was based around intercutting between emotional states to depict schizophrenia. 




The concept was based off of the post-labotomy theme
of Kirsten Ley’s collection. Keeping this motif in mind, we developed all art direction: from set dec, to the wardrobe, to the practical effects. All post-production done in-house.