"Being a gentleman is a matter of choice."


The world needs more gentlemen. Heck yeah it does. From the first time Aedelhard came into our office, we knew that our values aligned perfectly and that there was potential for a very awesome project. The result did not disappoint. Here you go, rugby – an anthem that celebrates the true spirit of your sport and traditions.

DSC00585-2 copy.jpg


Director/DP: Mike Goldstein

Producer: Luc Doucet

Writers: Mike Goldstein, Bronwyn Davies, Stefan Feldmann, Luc Doucet, Aedelhard.

Post Production: Goldstein Productions

Agency: N/A

Medium: Web

Production Company: Goldstein Productions

Days of Production: 2

Total Crew: 6

Shot on: RED Epic MX, Kowa Anamorphics




What exactly is Aedelhard?

They make performance tailored suits, guided by the principles and culture of rugby, and inspired by the spirit of the gentleman.


How did this get made?

Teamwork. Aedelhard x Goldstein as a unit. Everyone had their shit together, so it worked well. For a year-old brand who had not been creating content for very long, our clients really came through. We walked away from that saying “that was the best shoot we’ve ever done”.


How much did it cost?

One rugby ball that they don’t know we kept.


Where things almost got fucked?

On this one, they actually didn’t. We had the right amount of time to prepare for this, and the collaboration really showed.


How did you time the rain?

We called up god and asked nicely.

And by god, we mean the City of Burnaby lol.  


Who turned on the sprinklers?

A very nice man from the City of Burnaby that showed up at 10pm with a walkie talkie.


What was it like working with pro Rugby players?

We’ve been on a lot of shoots with high octane professional athletes. It takes a special something to perform at their level – which typically makes them very easy to work with. The Rugby men and women were just as good, if not better. They were wonderful, and I think they had tons of fun too.


What was the hardest thing to film?

The bar scene. It was a challenge to make that scene feel real. We had them cheer for a score about 10 different times. It’s tough to simulate stuff like that. But the athletes in the scenes and our awesome extras really nailed it.


What would you change?

I would make it bigger. I want to fill that stadium and stage a real rugby game. Really make this an amazing film and speak to the true size of the sport.


What was the best behind the scenes moment?

Probably when we watched the first cut and seeing our client’s reaction. That’s the best part of the whole thing.