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We work with athletes and brands that support active living.

Ski mountaineer Caroline Gleich has an inspiring perspective on finding her calling, learning by doing, and connecting to the wild that calls us all.


We collaborate with prominent and developing COMPANIES as creative leaders to spearhead digital media campaigns that BUILD BRANDS. We have the videos and numbers to prove it.

We operate on the belief that everyone has a story to tell - and it may be different from what we anticipate. We want to know all the details, to dig deeper and craft something focused, genuine and relatable.

We're athletes too, so we're used to scaling cliffs or sprinting alongside athletes all day, camera in hand.

Our team is full of adventurers who make challenging shoots look easy; we also keep things fun and flexible.

We do things right with strong project roadmaps, and we're not afraid to push the limits of complex situational filming.

With a complete suite of top-of-the-line, industry-standard gear, we're mobile, efficient, and immensely adaptable.

We do not overlook details for high-level storytelling. You'll see a finesse in our work - skilled focus pulling, precise lighting, sharp audio, adept colour grading.

Ever seen shoots like these?

We bring you innovative, versatile, and creative content that fits your budget and project scope. Take a look at how we do it.

+ RED BULL | Curtis Keene

A low-fly heli shoot above one of Santa Monica’s wealthiest neighborhoods isn’t the easiest thing to pull off, but we knew that showcasing one of the world’s top mountain bikers called for a unique concept.

After securing permits to close kilometers of county trail land and fly above the celebrity enclave of Brentwood, we choreographed production and direction down to the second. This was an expensive shoot on a per minute basis. Mistakes weren’t an option – not with only 65 minutes of flight time and our crew chasing Keene just feet off the ground. Mapped flight paths, shot coordination via satellite imagery, and crew, rider and pilot position synchronization formed the meat of pre-production. Walk-throughs, timing reviews, and a minute-by-minute schedule for all crew ultimately made execution a breeze. On shoot day, we grabbed as many simultaneous angles as possible with a Cineflex, Phantom, and two REDs rolling continuously, and in the end, we wrapped a high production value piece overloaded with action.

So what made all this possible besides a heck of a lot of planning? This kind of thing is habit for us. Want to chase a world-class downhill rider on a helicopter? Our crew is so tight-knit, we can anticipate each other’s moves and rely on implicit communication (it’s a huge plus of not dealing with unknown subcontracted labor). We’re used to working on the move. All of our complex shoots – including this summer’s Jaybird campaign – rely on the minimum amount of equipment needed to capture top quality images. And we pull that off by being really really in shape so we can run literal circles around our athletes while they give it their all for us. We don’t rely on big rigs or bulky equipment. It’s us, our instincts, our bodies, and our cameras. When you’ve got a talented crew, that in itself is enough.

With ten years of experience shooting action sports going into the Keene piece, we’ve done it enough to be able to turn on the camera, get the shots, and go. And with training and development in narrative, we’ve brought pieces like Keene’s to a whole other level of storytelling with a visual foundation. This combination let us deliver a sick helicopter chase in the Santa Monica mountains without blowing the budget.

+ JAYBIRD | Wildflower Triathlon

Later this month we're going to give you a rundown of how we worked on foot, in our truck, and via helicopter to capture the Wildflower triathlon in its four-hour time frame. With impeccable planning, we had our own triathlon transitions from foot to wheels to air, and we pieced together a compelling story shot exclusively in half a day.

+ JAYBIRD | Jesse Thomas & Lauren Fleshman

We'll be posting a full brief this week to share a look at how we shot fully in documentary style while being a fly on the wall. Jesse and Lauren were both knee-deep in intensive training, but we managed to stay out of the way while maintaining cinematic quality. We looked to our skilled post-production to craft a structured story arc with emotional engagement - and it clearly worked based on the number of views these two pieces have received. We're looking forward to sharing a full report soon.

We didn't adapt to the shift toward new media and online content marketing - we grew up with it.

We work closely with agencies and brands as creative and production leads to stick with and deliver clients' ultimate message, branding, or call to action. We love to tell stories and we live for problem-solving and creative adventures. Based in Vancouver but we travel the world.


Do what you love, love what you do.

Though it may be cliché, it certainly rings true. Mike Goldstein started with camera in hand during his teen years, finding success in his hobby at student film festivals and in premiering full-length action sports films in local venues. Hobby transformed into career at the University of British Columbia, where Mike completed a BFA in Film Production while simultaneously developing Goldstein Productions and building a portfolio of work in online content, new media, commercials, and narratives.

Goldstein Productions now includes a crew of talented filmmakers that regularly works with some of the largest outdoor sports companies and active living brands: Red Bull, Jaybird, Whistler Blackcomb, and Devinci Cycles, among others. With more than a decade of experience, the team's expansion includes leading Whistler Blackcomb to a fully integrated online marketing presence in 2010, where we have continued to serve as major creative leaders and content developers for six years running. In 2015, the team spearheaded Jaybird's X2 product campaign with a series of online storytelling pieces that have amassed close to 8 million views (and Jaybird's social media followers have exploded). With a reputation in the industry for effective visual storytelling, Goldstein Productions collaborates with clients across industries who want to grow their digital media presence.



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